Viral Parking Area Gender Couple

This pair Got Arrested so you can get It in a Parking Lot – Next Spilled All On TV

Today in sad news, a Virginia pair emerged thoroughly clean on an attention-grabbing gender work that transpired… in a parking lot:

What is indeed there to state here? Perhaps not a large number, to be honest. Everybody else included should be embarrassed of by themselves. The man, for fainting in a parking lot. The girl, for getting mad rutty on a passed-out person, which not one person, man or woman, should ever before perform. The news headlines reporter and camera people, for putting it on ridiculous screen. Us, for writing about it. While, for checking out it.

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May God have compassion on our souls, which have been a bit less pure now for having been through this. Hug the ones you love, or something.

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