Quick Tip: Scan Windows 7 system files to repair errors

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  • If the event is related to the BSoD error, you will see the “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.
  • Sometimes, we don’t have any exact idea about issue, then we can wastage our precious development time, to overcome this issue, I come up here with to resolve this issue.
  • Also try another OS (e.g. Ubuntu) run it for a while and check.
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So, if you’re more comfortable using Event Viewer, you can get all the same information. If Windows crashed or froze, you’ll see a red circle with an “X” representing the failure. Click that day’s column and you’ll see more information at drivers download firewire the bottom. Critical events are typically what you’re really looking for here, but the other information can be useful as well. For example, the history will show when you installed software, so you might be able to see whether crashes started occuring after the installation of a particular app.

How do I reset my network settings back to default Windows 10?

You may get this error because the device drivers on your computer is wrong or out of date. Incorrect or outdated drivers can conflict with your operating system and result in the NETIO.SYS blue screen error. You can try updating your drivers and see if this resolves your problem.

The error code can also often pop up on Xbox. Sometimes, creating a new local account to log into your PC can help you get around the error. Now, if this diagnose course of isn’t useful for you, don’t despair.

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If so, it probably experienced a blue screen of death when you weren’t looking. The first step in troubleshooting is finding more specific error details. You can look above for the Event Viewer method and reliability monitor methods.

But this requires a proper understanding of Windows 11 error logs. You now know how to check the Windows 11 error logs, but just knowing that won’t suffice. There’s still a lot out there to understand before you can actually make some sense out of these logs, and use them to your advantage.

I’ve heard anecdotally of people having trouble with GDI+ (System.Drawing) and switching over to WPF and having no problem with that. There’s even some ASP.NET Controls on CodePlex that might help. I have tired at my end and unable to reproduce the issue at my end. Could you please try after giving the user Admin rights on the machine.

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