Creating the node js client application

Because X3 does not allow basic authentication, it is necessary to use OAuth2 authentication for SOAP web services. We provide step-by-step instructions, from creating a provider to authenticating, using Google as an example. Our REST based Data Integration API enables Developers to automate existing X3 File Import / Export infrastructure, by facilitating the secure transport of data files.

  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • This guide provides information to perform GraphQL queries on Sage X3 (on-premise only) with a third-party application.
  • In this tutorial I am using the latest version of X3, i.e. 2022 R1.
  • Of course, this list is different for each category but just be aware it the guides have a set of tools that it uses to demonstrate how each category works.
  • Before I get to the details of how you can create a record using Web service, if you search online help for “Web services creation “ you will see below.

Cloud accounting for small businesses, accountants and their clients. With Sage X3 Update 7 and later, REST services are now available to consume and interact with X3. In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the data types to match the possible values that may be returned. Assign
the variable HCOD(2)- Header code of array index 2 to Content-type. Assign
the variable HVAL(1) -Header variable of array index 1 to username and password
separated with Colon. A query language and runtime for executing queries and modifying data, GraphQL is our technology of choice for building APIs, and enabling the development of Sage X3 integrated Apps.

Guide to Brexit changes in the Accounting API

In this blog, we are going to visualize the mapping of fields from postman to x3 Rest web services. Lately I have been getting inquires on APIs and REST information. I figured it was a good time to write a short blog on our developer site where you can find all sorts of information on APIs, REST, GraphQL and more. Originally, in the beginning, the developer site mainly helped developers with XML/JSON calls for our Web server component.

This post provide some .net examples of making REST requests to Sage X3, and parsing the data. As you may already know, starting Sage X R2 (V12), a new integration pathway has been introduced; the mighty GraphQL. In fact, X3’s new ADC (Automated Data Collection) module uses GraphQL to integrate transactions and query data from X3. This blog helps us to understand the mapping of fields from POSTMAN tool to X3 REST web services and code used to call an external API by using EXEC_REST_ES function by passing credentials in header variables.

Web API and SOAP services

What if you wanted to take one of the sales orders, and return details? The following function will obtain sales order details for a sales order transaction number. We combine our expertise with accounting skills and systems experience, tailoring our services and solutions to satisfy your technology needs. Choose
Post Method, A POST request is a method that is used when we need to
send some additional information inside the body of the request to the server.

sage x3 api

In this tutorial I am using the latest version of X3, i.e. 2022 R1. Sage is adding new queries and integrations (also called mutations in GraphQL lingo) with every release, so it is worth being on the latest version. To see the latest additions to the GraphQL interface with every release, please refer to the Release Notes on public help centre. If you scroll down a bit, you will see a products category and there should be a Sage X3 specific product section.

Authenticating with the Accounting API

The calendar menu lists Sage specific events going on like summit or sessions or live streams. The Community Menu will take you to the online forum where you can chat with developers and educators from around the world, post helpful topics, ask / answer questions, get help, and more. Here you can find information about GraphQL, import/export, Web services, and other integrated APIs. The Developer site has several pages for a series of Sage products from X3 to CRM. Anyways, we are going to start with the X3 subsection under the Documentation menu. The application requires some external dependencies to manipulate the JSON web tokens and to make HTTP requests.

sage x3 api

Advisors for technology.Save time and accelerate sustainable growth with our array of business management software and IT solutions. Before I get to the details of how you can create a record using Web service, if you search online help for “Web services creation “ you will see below. Features and functionality include support for common file formats, data translation and scheduled automation. Sage and Non-Sage developers put on a presentation about “DEV” stuff. Sessions are recorded so you can go out and watch past events now. This section is also new-ish so there is not too much now but there is more to come (check calendar).

Consuming Sage X3 REST Web Services

While there are lot to be learned and discussed, as promised I wanted to take this time and talk about how you can test REST web services with a simple representation we created previously. A simple to use, secure and highly functional service to build real-time responsive application integrations. Data Integration API is designed to work for multi-tenant X3 cloud configuration only. The following resources and guides are meant to provide quick reference for developers to exchanging data with this type of configuration through the API Gateway.

sage x3 api

Once the class object is defined in .net, the REST object can be called and deserialized. Assign
the variable HVAL(2)- Header variable of array index 2 to application/Json. Assign
the variable HCOD(1)- Header code of array index 1 to Authorization. 1.HTTP
— Request is the simplest way possible to make http calls. On my last blog here, we discussed another point about representation and classes.


The first step is to create the Business Object(s) required to deserialize the results from the call. This json can be deserialized into a .net object for further manipulation. One way to define the business object that represents the json is to use some tools available on the web.

Sage sees solid growth in Q3 – – Enterprise Times

Sage sees solid growth in Q3 -.

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Once you have OAuth2 authentication configured, you’ll want to add it to your web service calls. You can use REST web services with your Representation to Create records. Our SOAP Web Services enable you to develop a dynamic, seamless integration with other applications and data sources. what is sage x3 system Build integrated software solutions with a flexible, intuitive, tailored business solution for your industry. The Menu bar across the top has even more sections like Clubs, Calendar (for event scheduling), Dev Stream (live stream events), and Articles (what’s new and help topics).

Sins of ERPProject Failure

Click on “Sage X3” to load X3 topics for General Discussion, Support specific Discussion, and Bug Reporting Discussion forums. There is plenty of more and each topic has the same layout and structure. The site is formatted to help all aspects of the development community from Beginners to advance users. Web API calls are usually issued by programs but, as they are just HTTP requests they can also be tested interactively, directly in the browser, or better, with a tool like Postman.

sage x3 api


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