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If this had happened in the air, not only would I have suffered engine failure due to fuel starvation with all that that entails but while it was happening, I’d also have had fuel gushing into the cabin and over my left leg. The consequences of this hardly bear thinking about, so from now on, I’ll be replacing the new one that I also fitted this week every two years, or a bit less probably, to be on the safe side. I was well pleased with the final result which is quite neat and tidy and much better I think than the horrible wooden handles on the control columns in the X-Air, as the following pics show. And although it was too hot and turbulent today for any ULMs to be flying, when I tuned in I did pick up an English-speaking pilot, possibly a Ryanair flight going into Bergerac, communicating with the regional Aquitaine frequency, so I know that the system works OK. Not the best day then to be working on an aircraft in the back of the barn.

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Today was supposed to be the end of it, bar fitting the new handles that I’m still waiting on being delivered from China, but actually I think that I might have to do a little bit more. On completion, as the following pictures show, Malbec is now beginning to look a treat again with the parking area next to Philippe’s hangar and the turning area at the top of the runway both nicely cut in. I can’t wait to start flying from it again, but sadly it still won’t be for a few days yet while it continues to dry out. A flight in the Savannah, that’s what taking in a few local airfields and incorporating a few take offs and landings to get my hand and eye back in again. My plan tomorrow is to fly Malbec – Galinat – Condat – Galinat – Condat – Sarlat – Malbec which will give me a total of six take offs and landings. Like I said yesterday, when the going gets tough, you’ve got to start thinking out-of-the-box a little.

The point is to gain an initial understanding of the business model and to make an analysis of the complexity of the application – this part of the process usually takes around two weeks. Fitting the Savannah’s new prop is turning out to be much more tricky than I expected. Its design includes a very deep skirt that extends some way behind the prop towards the engine cowling as I showed in my previous post. It has been on and off three times today and each time I have ground a little more of the skirt away. However, it still hasn’t been enough to provide adequate clearance of the engine cowling.

But because if we had flown direct, we’d have got there ages before him, I decided to drop into Condat first before heading back to Malbec. So that’s one half of the international leg covered – what about the second? For that you’ll need to complete and submit a GAR form for entry into the UK.

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We awoke this morning to yet another grey, misty morning and it was only later when I went outside and was blinded by a strange golden orb burning in the sky that I realised that, quite unexpectedly, the sun had come out. We haven’t seen it for many days – possibly a week or more, I haven’t been counting – and we’ve almost got used to the sight of low grey cloud looming over the landscape. I was out for about an hour including the time it took to stop to take a couple of shots using my phone, which is again why they are of such poor quality.

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And so it was again today even though Victor had fitted a new starter solenoid in the meantime, but I found that today’s problem was a breaker that Victor had fitted into the battery circuit to prevent any possible current drain while it was standing unused over the winter. We had a beautiful day today with sunny skies and a high of around 26 degrees Celsius. At one time I saw 28 degrees on my car temperature gauge but I think that was being a little bit optimistic. So what better day to head down to see my local contact who’s making up my new Savannah tow arm for me to drop in my final drawing and then to scoot over to Malbec to mow the runway. This time I had to content myself with getting the ‘feel’ of the aircraft, which seemed to be perfectly stable with a fast taxy speed, so that was encouraging.

Other airfields in our area are now perfectly usable but Malbec’s runway is hardly improving at all despite the incredible weather that we’re now getting. Nevertheless, I was determined to start making some moves with the Savannah which has been languishing in the hangar for far too long. The tower and aero club looked super, but also the public cafe with all of its tables and seats outside. That I’m sure will be a big hit with visiting families during the summer, especially now that the weather seems to have turned the corner.

  • It’ll need a few more mows to get it looking properly ship-shape again but today was a good start.
  • The tower and aero club looked super, but also the public cafe with all of its tables and seats outside.
  • Despite several days of warm sun and wind, overnight rains keep thwarting us and it was still wet and squelchy underfoot.

As of today, I haven’t flown for over a month, since the day on which I aborted my planned flight to the UK actually. This has mainly been due to the fact that I really haven’t felt well enough. I did do some flights in the Savannah a few weeks ago when I didn’t feel too bad and even took Wim’s family for flights around Montignac from Galinat, but somehow between then and the day of my UK flight, things had crept up on me without my realising it. Even though the number of documents needed to be filled in seems overwhelming, this shows very well what it takes to safely run an exchange platform. Most cryptocurrency users and experts assure applicants that these requirements are not exaggerated, arguing that this type of documentation has to be in place to make businesses operate safely.

Finally, after fixing one of my little sports cams to the right wing strut, I was ready to take off, but at gone 11.00 am, which was a bit later than I would really have liked. But no worries – as I took off, everything felt immediately familiar as though I’d never been away from the Savannah’s controls, let alone for over a year. The new scimitar prop felt great – I was ut eproxy up and away in well under 100 metres and as I climbed away over Victor and Madeleine’s house, then I spotted it. Time to put the Weedhopper back in the barn, but before I did so, a few shots to commemorate the occasion of its first flight after all my renovation efforts. Here’s a shot of the single leg flightplan for the proposed leg from Calais direct to Headcorn.

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I prefer that because then you can feel how the wood is responding – I can’t explain how, but you just can and I think that almost everyone who enjoys working wood with their hands would agree with me. Funnily enough, I think that although the barn is open-fronted, the Weedhopper and X-Air are having a better time of it than the Savannah. This may be because the barn has a dry concrete floor, whereas the hangar is closed with a bare earth floor, a combination which I think might encourage condensation even though the hangar’s roof is thickly insulated. There seem to me to be many signs of water drips in the dust on the Savannah’s wings which lead me to come to that conclusion.

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This would be nowhere near fast enough for a take off and I was worried that maybe I’d over-adjusted its brakes which might be binding. I had to say that sadly it still wasn’t, so Victor suggested that the visitor should instead go into Philippe’s airfield LF2468 at Mauzens-et-Miremont a few kilometres as the crow flies to the west of Malbec, which is now dry. Here’s a pic of my intended route, dropping into Galinat then Condat, then doubling back again to Galinat and back once again to Condat before flying south to Sarlat Domme and finally back to Malbec.

We then had to carry the table over a 100 metres down the road to the place where, blessedly, I’d managed to find a parking space after which it was time for me to find my way out of the city. This proved to be not much less of a nightmare than getting in in the first place, but eventually I did, arriving home with my prize at about 10.00 pm. The next job will be to complete the rubbing down with ever finer glasspaper until I get the whole table completely smooth. Then I’ll give everything apart from the top a mist coat of clear matt varnish so it matches its newer brother. I don’t intend to varnish the top – that will just get a periodic wipe over with teak oil to enhance the beauty of its grain as it’s in regular daily use over the coming months and years. I had to spend a little time digging grease and dirty old wax polish out of the mouldings around the drawer face for which I used a small screwdriver and a scalpel, but it didn’t take too long to do and the results were worth the effort.

We found it and were lucky enough to be treated to a beer each by the landlady before Victor and I bade our adieus and departed. After chocking its wheels, I then looked around for some weighty objects to attach to the wing struts to anchor it down just in case we get any unexpected larger wind gusts. I found some old gas cylinders in the barn and those combined with a couple of concrete blocks should do the trick, as shown below.

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I had the idea of fabricating a cone to fit over the cable attachments using scrap Lexan from an old ULM windscreen or door panel and after mounting the windsock I went home to see what I could find in my ‘atelier’. I came across one of 28AAD’s old door panels which wasn’t suitable for any other purpose and cut out a piece from it that would roll up roughly into the shape of a cone using dimensions that I took on Friday and could then be pop riveted together. The temperature rose to a spanking 26 degrees Celsius today and we could well see it rising a bit higher again tomorrow. My main aim today was to taxy 28AAD, my Weedhopper, but first I had a couple of other things to attend to. In the recent taxy tests that I’ve been making in the Weedhopper at Malbec, I’ve been disappointed that even though I’ve been half-way down the runway by the time I’ve closed the throttle, 28AAD has only ever got up to about 50 kmh.

I don’t know whether there’s actually a connection, but a few weeks ago I read somewhere that mangoes contain everything that you need to achieve a balanced digestive system and if you suffer from a constantly upset stomach that you should eat a mango every day. So that’s what I started doing – every morning with my breakfast, not a whole mango but just a large slice – and I thought nothing more of it. However, after a week or so I suddenly realised that I felt well again and my stomach and chest pains had disappeared. The crypto license application process starts with a pre-application engagement, where the client’s application project is reviewed, along with the client’s business model and the type of activity or service they want to provide. A Hong Kong-based tech company, NYNJA ,claims it is launching the first ever mobile messaging app which also allows users to buy and sell goods using its cryptocurrency in market place backed by blockchain technology. It’s just coming up to 4.00 pm so it’s time for tea yet again after doing more work on my old oak table.

We’re expecting little if any rain going into the coming week with a temperature of 17 degrees, less than today tomorrow, but with it rising to the upper mid-20s by the end of the week. I doubt that the runway will be firm enough to use tomorrow, but I’m hoping at least that I’ll get my first flight in for over a year on Tuesday. I’ll then be able to give it the good clean that it needs from having been left uncovered in the hangar for so many months.

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