Dedicated Development Team: What Is It And When To Hire It?

The project was a mobile banking solution with modern features like a mobile wallet, tight security, receipt management, and currency exchange. To give you an idea of what this looks like in practice, let’s take DECODE’s dedicated team workflow as an example. In these cases, hiring a team of developers or even individual freelancers is a better option.

What are dedicated teams

Now that we have defined what’s meant by a dedicated development team, let’s dig deeper into how such teams work. Finally, dedicated teams are ideal for clients who have minimal time to supervise a project. Alternatively, you can opt for dedicated teams if you have multiple app projects you want to implement simultaneously. Reach current and previous clients of the company to find out if they were satisfied with the choice of specialists, communication, and delivery management and also with product development. With a fixed-price contract, the payment amount does not depend on resources used or time expended.

How We Run a Dedicated Team Model?

Program-Ace is a company based in Ukraine with a decades-long history of providing outsourcing and outstaffing services, including dedicated software development teams. Our great work in outsourcing and partnerships with other companies around the world has been recognized and rewarded by several organizations, including IAOP, Clutch, and ETSA. Even though dedicated teams work remote-only, they are still a part of the vendor’s company. As any business, software development companies choose only the best employees not only looking at hard skills but also paying attention to soft skills. Dedicated team members are great team players, know how to stay productive, motivated, and not lose focus from their tasks. Remote control demands a clear understanding of software development workflow, effective planning, and high level of collaboration between a project manager and dedicated team members.

  • You are the boss and you have full control over the project, the team, and the resources.
  • Dedicated teams usually work from the development vendor’s office.
  • To all of our employees, we offer free external and internal professional training courses, certifications, and organize monthly meetups.
  • American vendors charge far more than similar companies from Eastern Europe, for example.
  • The trial usually lasts for three months, but you can adjust its duration based on your preferences.

If the vendor does not have a particular type of specialist employed, they will hire one specifically for your project. The gathered team starts working as a complement to the customer’s business. In 2019, the global market size of outsourced services was $92.5 billion and outsourcing continues to grow. Its total market value is expected to hit $525.2 billion by 2030. Extending your team to help with the workload is a more cost-effective solution. The other is that coordination can be challenging between your in-house and extended team, especially if they’re in the middle of a project.

Why Uptech is a Good Choice While Hiring Dedicated Development Team?

If your vendor is well-experienced in the creation of dedicated teams, these problems are easily worked out. It usually takes some time to hire the right team members and configure their working processes. When the hiring stage has started the client must be completely involved in order to avoid delays or misunderstandings. Another challenge is in the configuration of the working processes inside the team. The project managers can come to the team’s assistance, as well by using project management tools such as JIRA by Atlassian, Basecamp, Trello, etc. If you’re running side projects in addition to the one you want to outsource, a dedicated team model won’t suit your needs.

Team members in a dedicated environment are able to take responsibility for the projects that they work on and have more control over them. They can use their own initiative to develop their ideas and make decisions. In a shared environment, team members have little or no autonomy over the projects that they work on.

Cons of Dedicated Teams

This model resembles an in-house team, who are technically your employees. The dedicated remote team stays focused and works together until it fully meets the project obligations. When it comes to management, you can choose both options of managing the team — to manage a dedicated software team on your own, or delegate it to the responsible project manager. With either choice, the client treats dedicated employees as a remote team and pays team members salaries. Our task in creating a dedicated team consists of a search for specialists.

Not all companies and projects need a dedicated team, which is why you must know exactly what you need a team for. Leverage our software development expertise to build custom applications, modernize legacy systems, and build powerful API integrations. Technical writer is responsible for filling the project with content and preparing technical documentation. Like a designer, this specialist is not included in the development team, but his project load can range from 50% to 100% of the total development cycle time. In contrast, dedicated teams can be much faster to put together . One of the biggest reasons to hire a dedicated teamis that it’s much more cost-efficient.

What does a typical dedicated team structure look like?

Our business analysts can help make that decision once they have studied your idea and assessed the requirements. The dedicated organizational structure for this project included a Project Manager, who cares about delivering all project requirements to the development team. Our project manager coordinates the work of the in-house team on your demands. With those advantages in mind, the project can adjust according to the situation without skipping a beat. A dedicated team model is perfect for projects that require the constant evolution of the requirements according to market performance or technological progress.

What are dedicated teams

Oftentimes, the company providing the workers takes an active role in motivating workers and helping them reach optimal productivity in their new tasks. As you can see, a dedicated team model is not that versatile and only suits large and long-term projects, which is why you must know what you are shooting for. Inefficient for short-term projects – hiring a large team of developers is not always a good idea, especially when only a handful of experts can do all the job. Consulting – an expert team evaluates the project scope and comes up with an action plan.

Dedicated Team Brings More Control

You don’t need to worry about the team being stretched too thin and overworked – they are set on the goal and they are moving towards its realization steadily. When choosing a dedicated team you should pay attention to the vendor’s company. Analyze the reviews on various platforms and ask about the company’s previous experience. We can pick the best specialists for your project based on your business goals and requirements. DigitalSuits is recognized as the best software development company by Clutch. If in-house developers reject remote colleagues, it hinders effective project implementation.

Ukraine occupies a leading position in the fastest-growing destinations for global software development services. According to the 2019 CEE report, the country’s software development sector increased dedicated development team by 19% in 2018 and is expanding steadily year by year. The country offers ample opportunities – from its vast IT talent pool and wide experience to cost efficiency and strong technical skills.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team

As we mentioned, a dedicated software team functions just like an in-house team, only they operate remotely. Conversely, hiring a dedicated team would be a waste if your requirements are clear and unchanging. That’s why they’re a great solution for startups in the early stages. Mostly, these companies tend to be very experimental with their app idea and thus require rapid pivots during development. Also, if you hire the right team with the right expertise, there’s no need to train them.


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